Ideas and Solutions for Eco-Sustainable Harbour

Naturalistic uncontaminated sites, as the Sardinian bays ask for adequate solutions which do not alter the delicate enviromental equilibrium. The floating systems projected by Sistema Walcon allow the creation, in every dock, the essential structure of a jetty without the use of a fixed infrastructures, invasive and destructive for the enviroment and surrounding nature.

The habour realized by Sistema Walcon leave the bay and coastline absolutely unspoiled and incontaminated, without any permanent damage to environment and landscape.

The type of materials used for the construction of the products reflects the ecological phylosophy of Sistema Walcon, made evident also in che choice of materials used, as for example the new composite “Novowood” for the pontoons, an exclusive revolutionary material by Sistema Walcon which substitutes exotic valuable wood and presents great characteristics of resistance and durability without any necessity of maintenance of external treatment.

Novowood is a composite material obtained by 70% of recycled wood and is completely recyclable.

Sistema Walcon has in fact, in its company mission a point of consideration, which is the extreme attention to the reduction of environmental impact in the period of construction and the care in the choice of materials and eco-sustainable solutions in time for the realization of complex installations.

The harbour installation is based on ecological solutions aiming towards reduction of water and electrical waste, as, for example, the innovative electronic system “telemetra”, an individual measurement of consummation of water and energy which puts the user in condition to be responsable and concious of his exact consumption.