• Fibre glass reinforced polyester, coloured with high resistance gelcoats. Standard colour white.
  • Access to the inside by means of a triangular lock;
  • Internal equipment consisting of low consumption internal fluorescent light for illumination of the surrounding area;
  • utilities n. 2/4 sockets, n. 2/4 taps
  • sockets 16A/32A/63A – 230 V interblocked IP66 anticorrosive treatment.
  • N. 2/4 magnetothermic switches to sockets protection. N. 1 magnetothermic switch to light protection
  • N. 1 safety differential switch to engine power protection,with a threshold of intervention to 0.03 A
  • On request with differential circuit breaker for each socket and isolator
  • N. 2/4 taps 0 1/2″, stainless steel bolts and nuts, butterfly tumbler X turn;
  • Dimesion: 25x25x110 c
  • II insulation class



  • pre-paid system
  • higher base in VTR