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The success of a tourist harbour begins with the project. A catalogue rich in solutions, each one adaptable and modifiable, according to the specific requests of the client, permitting the realization of a Marina made to measure even on the most difficult site.

The plan ability of Sistema Walcon permits the realization of made to measure jetties of every need.

With a full catalogue in continual evolution, Sistema Walcon is able to manage each reality satisfying the specific necessity of flow, traffic and reception of every tourist harbour.

Sistema Walcon has always taken great care and detail in the choice of materials, always innovative and elegant as with the finish in the technical solutions and complementary design.


The result is a tourist harbour without comparison, which combines functionality and beauty and gives value to the coastal harbour.


sistema walcon progetti


Sistema Walcon projects and manages an integrated system "key in hand" unique in its kind, thanks to which the final consumer of the jetty is served by a whole network of services, accessories (installation for the supply of water, electricity, telephone, multimedial, ecological, fire extinguisher, recycling and waste) disposal that render its performance a perfectly organized benefit.


A Marina constructed by Sistema Walcon immediately becomes a "Centre of Tourist Attraction" that generates movement and profit. The modular solutions Sistema Walcon are also effective in different contexts from the Marinas, thanks to advanced projects, thought out to be always adaptable, and the extreme flexibility of the products. Faithful to its role of consultant at 360 degrees, Sistema Walcon puts at the disposition of the tourist harbour its true know-how.


From the first phase of the projects, Sistema Walcon offers itself as a precious partner, able to realize studies of feasability, and to valuate the economic sustainability of the operator to whom it provides adequate support in the individualisation of correct financial procedures.


Modulated to better manage products of every dimension.

Internal productive capacity.

Installations, designed and produced to measure.

Planning, production, installation of equipment to furnish the dock.

sistema walcon specialisti in porti turistici

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